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  • Archiving a Discourse Forum
    Discourse is a forum platform, which allows threaded discussions. It looks nice, and works smoothly. However it is somewhat hard to archive such a forum. There are a couple of posts showing how to archive Discourse: . That post describes how to get a WARC archive. However I just needed a html archive. Besides, … Continue reading Archiving a Discourse Forum
  • Atlassian Connect Security – April 2021 changes
    Jira and Confluence app security and external apps [updated – see below]. This article describes how security for apps for Jira and Confluence works. Jira and Confluence are the two main Atlassian applications, and in use by large and small teams. A large ecosystem of apps working together with and enhancing Jira and Confluence is … Continue reading Atlassian Connect Security – April 2021 changes
  • Trello limits: Cards, Boards, …
    What are the limits for Trello? It seems not many users know (or care). Per 2020-04-22 the limits for Trello are: actions totalPerMove 500000 admin support twoFactorReset prefix twoFactorReset limit 10 bucketWidthMs 43200000 attachments perApiRequest 36000 perCard 1000 perBoard 36000 size regular 10485760 large 262144000 boards totalPerMember 4500 perMembersApiRequest 10000 totalMembersPerBoard 1600 cards openPerList 5000 … Continue reading Trello limits: Cards, Boards, …
  • How to apply Atlassian’s Security Requirements for addons
    Around November 2019 Atlassian has published new security requirements for cloud applications. The requirements come into force on January 1, 2020. However Atlassian has not published guidance on how to apply these security requirements in their officially supported javascript framework ACE (Atlassian Connect Express). In this post I share my interpretation of the security requirements … Continue reading How to apply Atlassian’s Security Requirements for addons
  • How to upgrade ACE to AUI 8.5.1
    Atlassian has developed AUI, the Atlassian User Interface. This is a set of UI components and a front end library do develop applications according to the Atlassian Design Guidelines. As of 2019-11, version 8.5.1 is the most recent version. A second component to build apps on Atlassian is ACE, or Atlassian Connect Express, a framework … Continue reading How to upgrade ACE to AUI 8.5.1

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